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Be excited about spring again with natural ways to relieve allergies


In the Pacific Northwest we are so desperate for sun by late March but for some the change of season brings misery. Many of us suffer from seasonal allergies. We all know spring is here because of the annoying itchy eyes, sneezing and stuffed noses. These symptoms can be relentless so we turn to over the counter medicines to help us feel better. However, some those medicines can leave us feeling better but I’d sure like to be awake for the rest of the day. The good news is that I have some natural ways to feel better without putting yourself into a coma for the next two months.

  • Nettles. There is a reason nettles start to come out during the early spring. Nettles are very effective at stabilizing the immune cells that release histamine. Histamine is the source of misery for allergy sufferers. When it is released we can become sneezy and itchy. That is why medications we buy at the drug store work so well because they block histamine. However, they make us very tired. Nettles can help in this way but without the undesired side effects. I usually drink 2 cups of nettle tea a day during allergy season and find it to be very helpful. As a side benefit Nettles are very rich in essential minerals.

  • Quercetin. Quercetin is a flavonoid that is found in foods like onions. Quercetin works like nettles in that it stabilizes the cells in your body that release histamine. You can find quercetin in capsules or powder but it works best if a higher dose it taken initially and then tapered down.

  • Vitamin C. Boring old Vitamin C also works to prevent histamine release. I prefer the liposomal forms of Vitamin C because they are better absorbed and don’t cause as many digestive issues for some people.

  • Local Honey. Eating locally sourced honey before allergy season starts is a delicious way to prime your immune system to be less reactive when the pollen is at its peak. Local honey contains pollen from where you live and by exposing your self early can make the upcoming allergy season a little less dreadful.

Thank you!!! Jill Corey ND

*this information is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Please seek out medical professionals for treatment of your health concerns

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