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Jill Corey


N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor)

M.S. (Master of Science Nutrition)

Dr. Jill Corey earned their Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014 and a Masters of Nutrition degree in 2009 from Bastyr University. Dr. Corey provides a collaborative and individualized approach to healthcare. They are dedicated to providing a welcoming environment to all individuals that are seeking to improve their health. Dr. Corey’s interests include LGBTQIA healthcare, trans healthcare, gender affirming healthcare, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, endocrinology and homeopathic case taking.


Dr. Corey identifies as gender non-binary and therefore focuses their practice on the healthcare needs of gender diverse people. They have had additional training in gender affirming healthcare from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). Furthermore, in addition to providing gender affirming hormone therapy, Dr. Corey provides a whole person approach to gender affirming care.


In their practice, Dr. Corey uses standard primary healthcare care interventions, nutrition, botanical medicine, lifestyle modifications, hormone therapy, counseling and craniosacral therapy to help empower their patients. They are very comfortable blending conventional and naturopathic approaches to healthcare to best fit the needs of their patients.


Dr. Corey feels very strongly that healthy eating is the foundation for healthy living.

Therefore, with extensive nutrition training Dr. Corey is able to provide patients with personalized nutrition education. They can provide nutritional counseling around certain health conditions and ways to optimize your general health with specific dietary recommendations. Their treatment plans usually include exploring relationships with food, establishing healthy eating habits and meal plans.

Dr Jill Corey ND Seattle
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