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Healthy Chest Binding Practices

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Healthy Chest Binding Practices

Chest binding is a practice where one will use techniques to flatten their chest to appear more masculine. This is a common practice among trans men and gender non-conforming people to feel more comfortable in their appearance.

Common chest binding practices:

1. The use of sports bras

2. Strategic layering of clothing

3. Taping

4. Bandaging

5. Medical grade binders

Risks of binding:

1. Skin infections, skin rash, skin irritations

2. Tissue damage

3. Limiting breathing capacity

4. Back pain

Healthy chest binding practices

1. Take breaks from binding. Do not sleep with your binder on and only wear it 8-12 hours a day.

2. Do not bind with bandages or duct tape. These methods can cause skin damage and will not allow pressure to be evenly distributed thru the chest. This can restrict breathing, damage tissues and damage ribs.

3. Do not wear you binder while working out or when you are sweating a lot. This limits the skin's ability to breathe and could lead to skin infections and skin irritation.

4. Purchase a medical grade binder in the correct size. You should be able to breathe and move freely in your binder. It should not be uncomfortable or painful.

Where can I find a medical grade binder?

· FLAVNT Streetwear

· Shape Shifters

This article is for informative purposes and not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Dr Corey has no brand or product affiliation.

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